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Jul. 28th, 2010


Writer's Block: That’s My Family!

What's your most memorable "that's my family" moment?

I was at a family reunion and spotted my great (x3) aunt.  I went up to talk to her because she was alone and stood there for eight or nine minutes before I noticed her staring off to the side, I'd seen her eyes move over there throughout the conversation but I didn't pay attention because she rarely looks people in the eye.  I asked her what she was staring at so intently and she asked me who the cute young man was and how old he was.  My cousin Brandon was standing talking to his mom and sisters, the only male in that direction, so I told her that he was my cousin and that he was 28.  She asked me what her relationship was to him and I told her that he was my first cousin twice removed (my uncle's great-grandson) and was he was probably her great-great-great nephew though I wasn't sure if his parents were related to her.  I spent a few more minutes talking to her, mostly forgetting about the odd question, until Brandon walked passed us.  My great-aunt grabbed his arm and asked him his family history.  He told her and we found out that his mother was her great-great niece's half-sister's daughter.  Apparently that was far enough away for my 87 year old great-aunt who started flirting with my cousin.  Just as I was becoming uncomfortable (though my cousin took it in good humor) my great-aunt asked him out on a date.  I didn't hear his response because I had to leave in a hurry before I hurt her feelings by laughing.  I went into the house and laughed so hard my grandmother started to worry that I was on drugs.

Jan. 3rd, 2010


Resolutions and Goals

It's the new year, I've been extremely neglectful in writing in my journal, shame on me.  So I'm starting a new year with a bang, so to speak

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So that's what I want this year.  I will accomplish it because my will is unbreakable. Besides you are your habits.  I just need to make good habits to be a good person.

Nov. 10th, 2008


More quiz

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What Your Taste in Art Says About You

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true irish

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Dec. 9th, 2006



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